What I Want: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal

For the ones that don’t know PlayStation All-Starts Battle Royal, original code named Title Fight, was announced this week along with some details. As thought the game is unapologetically a Super Smash Bros clone with the Nintendo characters replaced with PlayStation models. The newly branded rooster will also been given a HD overall and PlayStation themed backdrops. SuperBot Entertainment has the lead development role and Santa Monica Studios is lending yet another helping hand. Some known details are it does support four players, the stages are going to be a combination of two different PlayStation titles, and we know the first few playable characters. Each character will also have a three-tiered super meter which is used to instantly send opposing players off-screen.

Sly, Tooth, Fat, Kratos, PaRapper, and Killzone guy

The current rooster is as followed. Sly Cooper, Kratos, Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth, PaRappa the Rapper, and Radec from Killzone.  These six fighters are all pretty big in their own regard. I am sure that there are going to more additions both smaller and larger, like Nathan Drake and Snake. Below is a list of the men, women, and creatures that I wish to make it into the retail release.

Cole McGarth (Infamous)

The protagonist from the Infamous series is one of the most iconic faces allowed to roam the PlayStation, closely rivalling the previously mentioned Nathan Drake. Cole would make a great mid to close quarter’s combat fighter. Manipulating electricity to create quick ranged attack could put him at a disadvantage when faced up against PaRapper who is more than comfortable in CQB. Fortunately he could pull out The Amp and try to hold his own. Even I can already see two for his three super moves, I would honestly be shocked not to see this pretty face make the box art.

Castle (The Tester)

Castle by Cameron Sewell

As Cole feels like it’s just a matter of time before he is announced let’s go way outside the box. There is a competition that can be found on the PlayStation Network called the Tester. Currently season three has concluded and the winner has been selected. One of the prices for winning the lengthy job interview was the opportunity to work in Santa Monica Studios. In one of the episodes the contestants had to dress up as fighting game characters and perform little play with their mind children. In this episode AkilleezMight’s character, Castle, proved to be one of the better creations. Without spoiling too much Akilleez might just have the pushing power to get Castle into All-Stars, and that would be fantastic.

Wander and Agro (Shadow of the Colossus)


Slowly moving back into the box, or maybe teetering on the edge. Agro is undoubtedly the star of this title, but I can’t really see how he’ll hold his own against Kratos. Like all good super heroes he will need his sidekick, in this case its Wander. Thinking about how Wander will be controlled I can’t stop comparing him to Link. Just like Nintendo’s favourite green mascot Wander is the master of his wardrobe, sword, and bow. The only thing he is lacking is an endless pit of bombs which isn’t a problem as this isn’t a re-textured version  of link.

Cecil (Final Fantasy)

Despite the Final Fantasy series not originating on the PlayStation and the recent expansion to the DS, 360, and iOS the franchise is very closely associated to Sony. Obviously if SuperBot Entertainment wants to put a Final Fantasy model into their game then they have a massive list to choose from. From the famous Cloud to the iconic Lightning everyone has their favourite which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if no Final Fantasy characters make it into the retail release and instead released in a DLC package down the line.  If they do sneak in one in though, I would want it to be Cecil. Oddly enough I would like to compare this little guy to a Smash Bros long time employee, Zelda. Purely for the fact that Zelda was able to transform mid-fight, an ability that I can see Cecil also capitalizing on.

Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)

Crash Bandicoot is one of the granddads of the PlayStation. Naughty Dog’s first game released on the PlayStation and it also received a good response. Not many people could have expect the success of this little guy. The first major series to run along side with the PlayStation just to make way for Jak when the PlayStation 2 was released. Which, in turn, moved out-of-the-way for Naughty Dog’s third hit series Uncharted, again tied to PlayStation’s retrospective console. We need to be able to see the roots of the PlayStation in All-Stars, and I think that Crash is cheeky enough to hold that flag. Though I expect that Crash will be set aside to make room for Jak.

Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza)

Count the shits being given.

So far this list has been mostly based on the western market. I think it’s time to take things back to the birth place of the PlayStation with Kazuma. The star of the Yakuza series would make a great addition to the rooster. A more obscure character admittedly but still one I hope to see. The best thing about Kazuma is the fact, like Kratos, he already knows how to fight. Being another realistic looking model might be a hindrance to the feel of the game when we already expect to see a good handful of these brawlers. To counter this I expect to see Kazuma dusting off his shoulders then whipping a bicycle from thin air and ramming it into an unsuspecting princess, generating hilarious results.

If you can’t tell I am very excited to get some hands on with this game. I love the Smash Bros collection and Brawl was the only thing that even made me think twice about buying a Wii. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal has finally made me come to a decision though. So, which of your favourite PlayStation figure heads do you want to see getting battered by a chubby princess?